Our Commitment to Our People

With few opportunities for income generation in the region, UEP is a major employer in this area.

Our Commitment to Our People - Oil and Gas Company Pakistan

We have a workforce which is 100% Pakistani and this includes all senior leadership positions. Whenever possible we hire from within the local community.

Through a rigorous exam and interview process we also take on recruits from our concession districts for our Operator Training Programme. We advertise in Sindhi language papers once the selection phase for this program is about to start to ensure transparency and select on merit from a wide pool of candidates. On average this selection process is repeated every 2 years and only 1% applicants are selected from thousands. Once selected the recruits are paid a salary and signed on for the 2-year training schedule.

We've trained nearly 300 operators through this programme; some have gone on to take up senior positions in our field operations, while others have moved on to other reputed companies both in Pakistan and overseas. UEP is the ONLY company in the industry to run such a programme.