Tariq Khamisani

President - United Energy Pakistan

President's Message

President - United Energy Pakistan - Oil and Gas Company

We at United Energy Pakistan (UEP) are committed to contributing to Pakistan's growing energy needs. We aim to become the leading energy company in the country by aggressive exploration, enhancing production and accelerating reserve replacement, through the use of innovation and technology.

Apart from building on our core upstream portfolio we are also exploring opportunities in other energy sectors, including wind energy. At a time when the scale of our business is growing at a rapid pace we are keeping the focus on safe and reliable operations.

UEP aims to bring benefits to all its stakeholders. For employees, we provide a safe and vibrant working environment in which people feel valued.

For our local communities, we deliver sustainable Social Investment projects in health, education and capacity building.

We hope to continuously deliver long-term value for Pakistan and its people through our operations.

Tariq Khamisani
United Energy Pakistan