Hongwei Zhang

Chairman - United Energy Group

Chairman's Message

Chairman - United Energy Group - Oil and Gas Company

Amidst the trend of economic globalization, United Energy Group Limited (UEG), represents an emerging new generation of international independent oil and gas enterprises. UEG has a clear and far reaching vision of enhancing its productivity and core competency by embracing technological advancement and therefore achieving accelerated growth rate and competitiveness.

By the provision of cleaner, higher quality and reliable energy products we can better protect our environment and promote the development of a balanced, healthy economy and society.

To achieve these goals, we strive to cultivate UEG as a fast growing and distinguished international Oil & Gas Reserve Management Company specializing in the investment and development of oil and gas assets. This is the best way to contribute to the local communities for their support of our endeavors. All our staff share this common belief.

We will surge ahead and achieve breakthroughs in our work by innovation, determination and diligence.

Mr Hongwei Zhang
United Energy Group Limited